Photo 1 – #98 Fences

Here’s my first attempt at photography.  I know it’s not great but we all got to start somewhere…

We took our dog Ted today to the dog park. It was pretty cold and very very muddy.



6 thoughts on “Photo 1 – #98 Fences

  1. Sarah, welcome to the 365 challenge. Your blog looks great and I really look forward to seeing more from you. Its going to be a great adventure!

    I like this shot very much and I think it shows you have a great eye for photography, even if you are new to it….

  2. Welcome to the challenge, Sarah – I am looking forward to seeing your pictures – you are off to a great start, this is beautiful!

  3. What a great first Post, and I am with Julie in that your eye for detail and composure put you miles ahead of anything I achieved when first starting. Lovely first shot.

  4. This is an incredible photograph. I love the black and white. It makes the scene look very cold and barren. I agree with Julie-you’re a natural!

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