Photo 11 – #160 Intersection


I drove past this many times but today I made my husband stop so I could check it out.  It’s this neat little playground called a Saftey Village.  It has a buch of mini buildings and roads and even sidewalks.  I’m not sure exactally what it’s for…we were guessing maybe kids can ride their bikes or whatever and play in this miniture city.  


4 thoughts on “Photo 11 – #160 Intersection

  1. We have one of those down the road run by the Police Citizens Youth Community, but just now it is overgrown but I saw evidence of them working on it ywsterday. Great idea for kids to get road-wise, somewhere safe. Well spotted.

  2. Sarah, I finally got you added to my blog. I looked at all of you photographs and they are beautiful. The clarity and color are outstanding. Your dog looks like a great companion and I love the paw prints. I look forward to blogging with you.

  3. We have a Safety Village in our town and I’ve been a couple times with school field trips. The kids drive around in motorized vehicles to help them learn the rules of the road. Your shots are great – they really show the smallness…

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