Photo 9 – #222 Paint


Not the greatest picture but I have nothing else for today.  This is some paint in my garage I got for free off of craigslist.  I’m sure you’ll all this this is weird but I’ll tell you what I’m doing with it…  I found this fabliously cool idea on roadside america.  This guy in Indiana has a super large ball of paint.  He started with a baseball and dipped it in paint and over time when it got too big to dip he started painting a layer on it each day (or whenever).    It says he’s been working on it for 28 years.  So….I really really want to have a roadside attraction a kind of  roadside attraction museum (just a whole bunch of cool roadside attractions) someday.  So, I started a paintball.  I used a ping pong ball just because that’s what I had laying around.  It only has 3 layers of paint on it currently (paint takes a really long time to dry when it’s cold in the garage).   Here’s it’s current picture:


So someday, you’ll all have to come visit me and my super large ball of paint!!  For now go visit the guy in Indiana!


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