Photo 16 – #126 Grafitti



While we were driving around Louisville, KY trying to find an entrance into the cemetery where Colonel Sander’s grave is (which we didn’t get to see since all the entrances were gated), we spotted this airplane on the side of a hill behind a building.  My sister and my husband went up to it to inpect it closer and saw that it was placed there since it had a large medal rod thru the middle of it and into the ground.  

While they were up there, it started raining REALLY hard.  The second picture is of my husband calling us waiting in the car to tell us they were going to wait until the rain stopped.  They huddled under one of the wings.  It was a funny site since they looked like suriviors of a plane crash.  (The picture is pretty bad since it was a major downpour)


3 thoughts on “Photo 16 – #126 Grafitti

  1. What a fun afternoon you had (even with the rain)! You took some really cool images of the airplane and it’s graffiti – great find!

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