6th Folder, 6th Photo


I was tagged by Grant.  I will tag others soon. 

This is a picture of Karen (the cat) and Mark (the guinia pig).  Karen likes to sit and stare at Mark.  I think she’s dreaming of having him as a snack.  Mark has recently gained a lot of weight so he is now almost the same size as Karen.  I’m still always worried about her getting to him but if she sticks her paw inside the cage, Mark always runs and hides in his house.  It still makes me nervous after all this time.


3 thoughts on “6th Folder, 6th Photo

  1. They know the rules, you just get to clean up if one slips up, don’t discount the guinea pig, their biy is formidable. Great Tag shot.

  2. OMG, I have never seen a guinia pig that large – did he eat a cat? LOL wonderful image of true friends – this could be a cartoon!

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