Photo 39 – #74 Dangerous







So, this is a funny story (and long..) .  In December, I saw an ad on craigslist for a 6ft tall cactus for FREE!  So, I emailed the guy who was giving it away and he said it was already gone.   So, in Janurary, I saw another ad for a free 6ft cactus.  Well I emailed that guy and he told me it was the same one as before but they just wanted to get rid of it.  Luckly, I was the first to claim it, so we went later that day and picked it up.  So, it had some bad brown spots and I thought it looks very unhealthy.  So I was researching online about how to help it get better and I learned that it wasn’t really a cactus.  It was this plant that secretes this white fluid that if you get it in your eyes it can cause blindness and the smell of it can cause cancer and all this other bad stuff.  Well, we weren’t sure really what to do since we could be careful and everything.  Just as we were talking about if we should keep it or not, Ted comes running in at full speed and slams into it.  He gets all this white stuff on his head and it’s dripping down by his eyes and mouth.  We decided then that it needed to go.  So I put an ad on craigslist (the same day I picked it up) and a guy came right over and got it.  I was very very sad, since I loved the huge cactus. 

The second and third pictures are of the big “cactus”.  The one with Ted in it, I didn’t even have him pose there…he really wanted to be in the picture LOL. 

The first picture is another story.  The dead cactus in the background is my old cactus in my office.  The little one that says “NO Killer Cacti” I got it in a craft swap (where you get a partner and then find out what they like and then make them something and send it to them without them knowing what you are sending) .  This girl read my facebook and read my story about my “dangerous cactus” on there and she suprised me with that little cactus.  I got a good laugh when I opened the package and saw that.  It was nice of her to really do some research about me.


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