Photo 44 – #312 Sweets



My pretty fondant flowers for my cake decorating class.  The first picture I took while making the flowers.  Then the second picture is my finished cake.  I labeled this one as “Sweets” because the flowers are made out of fondant (gross icing-like stuff)….even though I wouldn’t eat them because they get real hard and taste real bad lol.


4 thoughts on “Photo 44 – #312 Sweets

  1. You take pictures, make purses, and now cake decorating – is there anything you don’t do? This cake is gorgeous – way too pretty to eat!

  2. I’m with Tammy, she makes me feel inadequate (Artistically) and you impress her, am I even allowed to comment on the artistry that these photos show= phew got away with it.

  3. I’d say you get and A+ on this one!! Your cake and photograph are beautiful. I’m with you on eating the fondant, nothing good tasting about it!!

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