Photo 45 – #179 Magical/Mythical




Well I’m participating in this Journal Swap where we send a journal around to 5 different people and each person’s journal has a theme then when you receive a journal you do a page it in.  Well, the journal I currently have has a theme of Mythical Creatures.  I don’t like magic/mythical stuff like that, so this theme was really hard for me.  I used some fake fur and glued it to the page to create fur for the werewolf.  Then I painted the rest.  I was really concerned about this particular journal since I just don’t know alot about the topic, but I’m soo pleased with the way my page turned out.  This is actual the best one I’ve done so far I think.

5 thoughts on “Photo 45 – #179 Magical/Mythical

  1. When I saw the first two I thought you had forgotten the apostrophy, in We’re Wolf, but under the full moon it all became clear. Speak to Tammy, Karen or Julie if you need brushing up on witchcraft and the like.

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