Photo 49 – #67 Costume


Here we all are dressed as Pirates.  This pictures has a little story behind it.  We went geocaching (where you get coordinates online then go there and you’ll find a box with trinkets and stuff in it.  You take something and then leave something for the next person).  We got this travel bug (You log where the bug has gone and then the owner can pick differnt themes and stuff.  This travel bug was a USB thumb drive and the owner wanted you to take pictures of the travel bug in a pirate theme then put the pictures on the thumb drive).  We all searched the house and found what we could to make pirate costumes.  You can see the travel bug hanging off of my husband’s hook.  I think my favorite part of this picture is the parrot.  haha

4 thoughts on “Photo 49 – #67 Costume

  1. What a great fun shot and great fun, “Game” obviously a hearty crew involved, but I worry that you may have drunk too much “Red Eye Rum”
    Isn’t it great to be part of a group of participators.

  2. What a fun bunch you are! Love this and love the costumes, but admit it, this is how you really dress every day (parrot included) LOL

  3. You guys are really creative in a pinch! I like your monkey, too – and the designer eye patches. But, I agree, the parrot takes the prize. Geocaching sounds like a lot of fun!

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