Photo 53 – #50 Circles


Circles…gallon jug rings.  All thru high school my dad would hide these in my books when I brought them home and then put them back in my backpack.  So when I opened my book in school these milk rings would fall out and embrass me.  We are still collecting them and trying to get each other.  I have a whole 5 gallon (I think) bucket full of these.  I need some REALLY great idea at how to get my dad with these.  Any ideas?  lol.  In the meantime, I will continue to collect these.

4 thoughts on “Photo 53 – #50 Circles

  1. Your dad sounds like a riot – better this, my dad & brother put underwear in my flute case once. Imagine the surprise when I opened my instrument for band! LOL Fab circles and colors!!

  2. Funny dad! How great to have a parent with such a sense of humor (although you may not have thought that at the time). You should frame this photo for him, and add a few of the real thing between the mat and the glass! He’d probably love it!

  3. Oh my gosh, he must have been a holy terror to live with! I can only imagine the adolescent angst that must have generated. I hope you come up with something really good as payback….

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