Photo 54 – #96 Feathered


This is Marizzy the Gnome.  I’m participating in a Roaming Gnome Swap.  I will get 3 visiting gnomes and I have to take pictures of them around town and stuff and then mail the pictures back with the gnome.  My gnome, Rico, is out visiting CA right now!  Anyways, Marizzy has beautiful feathers on her so I thought that might fit this theme.


2 thoughts on “Photo 54 – #96 Feathered

  1. How hilarious! I hope you and Marizzy the Gnome are going on some great adventures – you will have to share some with us!!

  2. Too cute! It’s a neat idea.

    There’s a lady with a miniature horse called Ricco, and she’s done a similar thing with a felt likeness of him, calling it Flat Ricco. She mails him to different acquaintances around the country (and Canada), and they do the same that you’re doing–only it’s just him, I think. He’s quite well travelled!

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