Photo 56 – #275 Sense of Motion


I was outside today trying to get a picture for the “How about that weather” theme but I got this one instead and thought it would be good for “Sense of Motion”.  After Ted does his business, he “short circuits” as we call it.  He runs around the yard like a maniac.  I thought he was going to jump into his pool but he leapt around it and was running right at me while I took this picture.  Ted is known to knock people over when he “short circuits” so you have to be careful lol.


6 thoughts on “Photo 56 – #275 Sense of Motion

  1. That dog has just the right amount of “Character” to be associated with you, a matched pair methinks, I would like a shot of you in Short Circuit mode, should be hilarious, Maybe Ted can take it.

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