Photo 59 – #319 Games We Play


Ok, this is a long story…So last year, my husband and I participated in The Great Urban Race.  It’s this race like the Amazing Race on tv but it’s one day long.  You get 12 clues then you run around the city and take your picture beside whatever the clue was pointing you to.  So, the orangizers of the race are doing this online version.  Every day this week at 2pm we get a clue and have to hurry up and take a picture and then the first to post gets the most points and so on…  So, I’m in the lead…yesterday we did a crazy crazy challenge (I’m planning on posting that picture tommorrow).  But today the challenge was to take a picture with 10 real people in it laying on the ground spelling out a city name where they have the race.  Well I looked thru the list of cities and chose DALLAS since I thought it would be easy to spell out with people.  Now…where am I going to get 10 people at 2pm?  I work from home so I have nobody around all day….and we’re new to Ohio so I don’t have many friends and all that yet.  So, I started driving around and thought a playground might have lots of kids.  I felt like a creeper!  But anyways, I got 10 kids (and a dad) to take this picture with me.   So, so far I am still in first place as long as none of my pictures gets rejected (I won’t find out for sure till Monday).  We have one more day of the challenge tommorrow, so I’m kind of nervous what they are going to have us do tommorrow.  The clues keep getting harder, so I’m sure tommorrow will be really bad since it’s the final day!


5 thoughts on “Photo 59 – #319 Games We Play

  1. When you decide to have fun, you don’t do it by halves. Great story and take, looking forward to yesterdays and tomorrows photos.

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