Photo 62 – #333 Tower


I told you about my Great Urban Race yesterday.  Here is my challenge entry for Wendesday.  The clue was to build a marshmallow tower as tall as you could.  The tallest one would get extra points.  As soon as the clue was posted, I ran to Walmart to get some marshmallows….I wasn’t sure how many to get so I just got 3 bags.  I worked all afternoon on this..haha!  The marshmallows are strung together and then glued to cardboard boxes.  It is 22 feet 2 inches tall!  I beat everyone on height!  The next tallest was 9 feet!  My husband (and probably neighbors) think I’m crazy!  I’m having soo much fun with this challenge/race and I am really nervous about today’s clue.  I have a feeling we’re going to have to do something totally crazy.

6 thoughts on “Photo 62 – #333 Tower

  1. You Think THEY Think your crazy, I think they are right and it is so refreshing to see someone proud of and showing off their silliness, I’ve been known to do that, welcome to the club. Great fun Shot Thank You.

  2. Since nobody asked…I will!! How did you get it that high? I’m assuming a ladder and you had some help. Fun idea and you did a great job.

  3. To get it that high, we threw a string over a high branch and tied the string to the top and hoisted it up. It kept breaking but eventually we kept it up long enough to snap a picture. I actually still have pieces stuck in the tree that I can’t manage to get down. I figure eventually they will fall down.

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