Photo 77 – #63 Concrete or Cement




Yesterday, I decided to get out and take a bunch of photos.  So I was sitting outside reading the themes and saw “Concrete/Cement.”  Last summer we put in a fence….it took us a LONG LONG time to actually do the work.  Anyways, towards the end of pouring the cement for the posts I started to get bored and had some fun putting all kinds of things in the cement before it dried.  So yesterday I walked the whole way around the fence kicking the grass off the cement around the posts looking for all my fun stuff.  I couldn’t find the one I really wanted (pennies and other coins).  But I found these.  The first one is of my foot in the cement…I had alot of fun putting my feet and hands in the cement…my parents would have never let me do such a thing as a kid, so HAHA I can finally do it!  The second photo says “B-Sarah July 21, 2007”   I got the nickname of B-Sarah since my husband’s name is Brad and everyone calls him B-rad from that stupid Mallibo’s Most Wanted movie.  The third one is of a fake four leaf clover I made to stick in the cement.  It’s all filled in with dirt so I couldn’t actually see if the leaves were still there or not.  I had a lot of fun yesterday looking at all my cement fun from last summer.


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