Photo 78 – #141 Hangs on a Wall


This is a “work of art” that I made for my sister to hang on her wall.  It’s 2 real McDonald’s hamburgers and fries.  I used modge podge (awesome glue) to seal the burger, buns, and fries.  The bottom burger is missing the top bun (Ted got it while it was drying) but I think it kind of worked out better without the top bun so that you can see the burger patty.  I made this over a year ago and the burgers and fries are still preserved and do not smell or anything.  They are a little greasey to touch which is weird.  I wasn’t sure how the glue was going to preserve the food but it did suprisingly well.  I still havn’t got up the nerve yet to preserve anything greater than McDonalds.  I think part of the reason this worked so well is how fake McDonald’s food is….  Anyways, wouldn’t it be super cool to preserve a plate of spaghetti? I love food art!

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