Washington DC Trip

Well, I’m going to Washington DC this weekend to participate in the Great Urban Race.   It’s like a one day Amazing Race, where they give us clues and we have to run around the city and get pictures with the clue answers.  I’m very excited!  Last year we did the Philadelphia race and we ended up finishing right in the middle (125th place) haha…  Maybe this year we’ll do a little better.  Last year, my husband and I did it but this year I’m doing it with my sister.  They also encourage racers to dress up in a costume and we are!  I don’t want to say what it is yet since I don’t want any other racers to find my blog yet and know the suprise…hehe.  I want to win the best costume this year!  At least we’ll be funny.  Anyways, I’m going to post Friday’s picture today and then I’ll get all caught back up when I get back home!  I should have lots of fun pictures. 

I’ll show you guys a picture from last year’s race….my favorite clue was to find a specific food vendor and they will give you a sandwich and you have to feed it to your partner.   The sandwich was AMAZING!! The best sandwich I ever had LOL.



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