Photo 84 (For Sunday) – #247 Puzzle



The Obamas decided to have a slumber party last night and were trying to figure out who to invite to the White House. Malia, being the older child, choose to invite double the amount of Sasha, her younger sister.  Sasha invited an odd primary number of friends, the next one up from her age.  Barack said it was unfair for only the girls to have guests over so he had a few of his buddies join the party, the other living presidents to be specific.  Michelle then felt left out so she invited up her girl friends, Hillary, Condoleeza and Sarah to come by as well.  Then she thought about it and unvited Sarah.  Grandma Robinson decided to invite all 69 of her Chicago friends to show them the White House.  If each guest and each Obama/Robinson slept in thier own room, how many rooms in the White House were Unoccupied that night?  Take a picture with the White House clearly visible and the answer of the above clue show by teammates holding up the proper number of fingers.

We thought the answer was 25.  What’s the right answer????


One thought on “Photo 84 (For Sunday) – #247 Puzzle

  1. NOw that is one puzzle – I will run it by the boys – I am awful at these things! I am loving your image for this! Like I said, you are too fun!

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