Photo 98 – #336 Trash or Treasure

336 Trash or Treasure

Well, I knew for the Trash or Treasure theme it would have to be something my sister picked up.  She loves getting anything for free.  This week was spring cleanup and everyone had thier trash on the curbs.  So, we drove around with the trailer and got all we wanted.  We actually were very successful this time!  We ended up getting a box of books, a box of roller blades (like 6 pairs!), a chair for my mom, a broken table (with a neat piece of wood), and this working organ!!  They even put a sign on it saying it would work…haha.  We had another funny experience this time garbage-picking.  Brad (my husband) spotted a battery charger in someone’s pile of garbage and he wanted it, but we drove past too fast.  So we circled the block but there was a man out in that yard haning up laundry.  Emily (my sister) gets very nervous when she garbage-picks.  Even though alot of people do it and it’s perfectly legal, she runs up and grabs the object then runs back to the car.  Well the third time we went around the block to get this battery charger, we didn’t see the man in his yard anymore, so Emily ran out and was sneaking around the back of the trailer when she yells “He’s out!” and runs back into the jeep.  Brad quickly starts to drive away and I hear this cry, “Come Back.”  I turned around and the man is there in the middle of the road waving his arms and yelling for us to come back.  It was really funny…we probably should have gone back and got the charger but Emily was too embarassed by this point.

Anyways, the organ was definately the best find.  Who would throw out a working organ?!

One thought on “Photo 98 – #336 Trash or Treasure

  1. I would say TREASURE definitely! Any piece that can put a smile like that on a face is definitely a treasure! 🙂

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