Photo 115 – #205 Obsession

205 Obsession

205 1

205 2

205 3

205 4

My Obsession is definatley Resin!  I love the idea of preserving food with resin…I still havn’t found the perfect technique yet but I did discover the secret to making the beautiful dandelion paperweights!!  The first picture shows my 4 dandelion attempts.  The one actually turned out….the others still look neat even though they broke apart.  The second picture is of the one that turned out…it’s hard to get a good picture of it since it’s shiny….maybe I’ll try again in the sunlight so I won’t need the flash….I was just so excited to get pictures since it actually turned out!!   The third picture is of my resin fruit experiement.  This picture was from the first day and the next picture is of the final day (right before I had to throw them out 😦  The final picture is of my clover resin pendant.  I’m loving that one too!  Anyways, I’m sure you’ll see much more of my resin experiments since it’s my obsession!


2 thoughts on “Photo 115 – #205 Obsession

  1. I consider it a good day if I wake up successfully, but look at everything you are talented in, you tend to intimidate Talent wise as they are all so beautiful, as are your photos, try bouncing the light off white PVC it will lessen the harshness.

  2. I’m not sure if I have ever seen this done – really makes for an interesting keepsake, really a neat idea! Great pictures!

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