Photo 123 – #65 Cookery

65 Cookery



65 1

So, last week I made my first cake I actually sold.  Somebody Brad works will wanted me to make a graduation cake for her daughter.  Well, I was very excited to make a really nice cake.  The first picture shows all the cakes baking…I’ve never had my oven that full before.  The second picture of is of the cake before it left my house.  Of course I had bad luck with the cake once it was finished!  I put it in the car and it slid right off the cake base while backing out of the driveway!  So, I drove back in the drive way, fixed it, and decided I needed to drive even slower.  So, I’m creeping down the road and the guy in front of me slams on his breaks and I had to too…I knew it was going to be bad…  The cake was sitting way in the back of the Jeep near the back trunk door and I had the seats folded down.  The cake slid the whole way forward and slammed into the gap that was from where the seats were folded down.  The top layer of the cake slid forward on the bottom layer and smashed all the icing!  It was sad because it happened to be right in the front of the cake…if it would have been in the back it wouldn’t have looked so bad since that could have sat near a wall or something.  Oh well, the lady said everyone liked the cake and it tasted really good.  Next time…I’ll do better…somehow.


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