Photo 131 – #282 Sign, Sign Everywhere!

282 Sign, Sign Everywhere

282 1

282 2

282 3


282 4

282 5

282 6

282 7

So, this weekend when we were on our motorcycle/scoot trip, we saw some more roadside attractions (of course).  This one is definatley one of my favorites.  I also knew it would be perfect for this theme!  In Meadville, PA there was this amazing work of art made entirely out of road signs.  It stretches almost a quarter of a mile! I made my husband walk the whole length of it for me.  Above a just a couple photos (I took alot more!! – step, step, click – step, step, click)  haha…Anyways, there was scenes of weather, farm, deer, moving fish, windmills, ferris wheel/roller coaster.  There were also these amazing huge flowers made out of road signs.  The first picture is of my favorite flower there. 

The last picture in this post is of a funny sign we saw everywhere on this trip…”Fresh Oil and Chips”  I wasn’t quite sure what that means but from what I can gather it means new tar and gravel (which is bad for scooter riding).


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