Photo 152 – #? Gross (Pick your own theme)

00 Gross

Well, I feel like I have alot of photos that I always want to use the theme Gross for but this one takes it!  It seems I caused quite a stir about this lately, so I thought why not share it on my photo blog also!  Let me just start off by saying….it is DOG hair…not any other kind of gross hair!  I made this spoon rest because we were talking about what is the one thing you definitely would NOT want your spoon to touch?  We came up with a whole bunch of things but the easiest one for me to do at the time was hair….so I searched the house for Ted’s hair.  I found a bit hiding behind his cage. People tend to think this took a lot of hair and that I’m gross for having dog hair in my house..but really it was only a tiny bit of hair spread all out.  And if you have a dog you will know that you have hair around even if you clean a lot.  It’s impossible to get it all, all the time! 

Anyways, I found out the other day that I made it on this website Craftastrophe, which I guess features craft mess ups.  I’m not really sure if I’m flattered to be on this page or sad.  My husband thinks it is some great honor but I’m still not sure.  I mean, I like constructive criticism and I realize that not everyone will share my sence of humor but for some reason I took offence when people started accusing me of using “other” hair in my spoon rest.  I’m all ok with it now and I actually think it’s a bit funny.  Here’s my link to that:

Also, due to the overwhelming response I received about this I decided to sell it on ebay..LOL.  Now who is really going to buy this?!  I honestly do not even think anybody will bid on it but we will see I guess…. I totally got peer pressured into posting it on ebay!  Here’s the link for that (in case you’re that one person that is interested or you could just go check it out):


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