Photo 159 – #323 The Wild Side

323 The Wild Side

Last night at about 3 am I was sleeping and my husband was out working in the garage and he comes in and wakes me up to go outside and see this little guy.  He kept hearing noises coming from the trash can (outside, not in the garage) and eventually went over and discovered this guy.  This little rat was soo cute!  I wish I would have took better photos but I was half asleep and really don’t even remember having my camera out there with me…haha

Edit:  I do agree this isn’t a rat now…I looked up what rats and oppossum’s look like and I totally agree this isn’t a rat!  Makes me feel better since rats arn’t very good to have around your house!


4 thoughts on “Photo 159 – #323 The Wild Side

  1. Log ago my youngest sister came running into the house yelling, “there’s a rat in the garage, there’s a rat in the garage!” So we, me, dad, my brother, my other sister, all went out to look. And lo and behold there it was. Now you’ll need to know that my dad was from NYC and wildlife for him had nothing to do with animals. So he called the police to come get this giant rat. And when the policeman looked at our rat he broke out laughing, “that’s a possum” he said.

    So now that it wasn’t a rat it became a potential pet. We brought food out to it, but it just sat there, playing possum. We eventually got bored and it eventually went on its way.

    Cool shot.
    A couple weeks or months later that same sister comes running in, “there’s a wolf in the front yard …”. But that’s a different story.

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