Photo 164 – #341 Two

341 Two

My two favorite people (well person and dog).  Teddy has a rough time getting comfortable in Brad’s truck since the backseat is narrow…he tries to lay across the box between the front seats.  He was actually being a very very good dog on this weekend’s trip to Johnstown.  He ususally whines and begs to come in the front seat with us the whole way there!


3 thoughts on “Photo 164 – #341 Two

  1. Teddy is a person (Finest Kind)(As Hawkeye Pierce would say), all he is telling your husband is “I am a point (Of sorts) I know the way” Great candid snap, thanks for sharing.

  2. Awww… I think of my dogs as people too.. Why not, they certainly have the personalities LoL. Teddy is beautiful. I bet my Charity ( also a choco lab ) would think he is a handsome fellow :o)

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