Photo 181 – #37 Building

37 Building

We recently took a tour of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.  It was a real neat tour.  The best part was our “ghost experience”  haha.  Our tour guide was really into ghosts.   As we left the nurses apartments, the door slammed shut!  The tour guide was totally sure that it was a ghost that closed it!  I felt a breeze because across the hallway there was a broken window with the curtain blowing.  Um…ghost or breeze…haha.  It was funny and entertaining though.


3 thoughts on “Photo 181 – #37 Building

  1. So a tour guide “Flew over the cuckoo nest” in your opinion, Glad I didn’t go might have bumped into some Past Friends and or associates. Absolutely tremendous build shot.

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