Photo 215 – #318 Tent

318 Tent

images I love NOT camping…but I did for 2 nights!!  The first night it rained like crazy.  I grew up camping in Civil War tents since my dad did re-enacting.  Camping in a modern tent is really nice for me but I still hate it.  I think another reason I don’t like it is because the first 2 times I camped in a real tent (since I’ve been married) we camped in the winter!  I hate being cold and I am always cold so camping in the cold does not work well for me.  We camped once in March in Utah on the White Rim Trail and then we camped in Roswell in Feburary.  Even though, those both are in the desert, it still gets cold!!  Anyways, this time it wasn’t cold…just comfortable, so I can’t compain about the cold…but I can complain about the rain and the nasty showers!  🙂


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