Photo 216 – Pick Your Own Theme #5 Penny

0-5 Penny

0-5 Penny 1

I collect smashed pennies. I have always been facinated with them since the first time I saw one in Gettysburg.  We use to go to Gettysburg like twice a month and every time we went I had to get a penny from the same machine…I have so many from Gettysburg.  Since then penny machines are everywhere…every time I see one I get a penny.  I always carry around 2 quarters and one shiney penny in a special pocket in my purse.   The second picture is of my now most prized penny!  When we were at Indiana Beach last week, Brad saw the one ride operator of the Cornball Express roller coaster taping a penny to the track.  He knew exactally what she was doing…making a smashed penny!  So, the next time we rode that roller coaster, Brad asked her if the penny actually gets smashed by the coaster train.  She was taping it to the track right inside the station, so the train isn’t moving very fast at this point but it must be the weight over time that smashed it.  Anyways, when Brad asked her, she ran over and grabbed the penny and gave it to him!  I was soo excited!!


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