Photo 217 – #8 Adolescence

8 Adolescence8

I felt like a trouble maker (why I used the theme adolescence) at Indiana Beach when we played with the shooting gallery game.  While on our New Mexico trip two years ago, we discovered this awesome trick!  If you take a photo (make sure you have the flash on) of the shooting gallery, all of the props will go off!!  When we got to Indiana Beach, nothing was open yet and we were just walking around looking at everything.  It was very quite and hardly anybody was around.  Brad and I were just talking about how probably the shooting gallery in NM was special and it wouldn’t happen again, so when we walked past this one we just had to try it again!  and guess what…it set off all the props!!   This one happened to be monsters so there was lots of noisy growling and screaming (from the props)…haha.   It actually frightened me since I wasn’t really expecting it to work.  Later in the day, we did it again just because we couldn’t help ourselves…it’s just soo funny.

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