Photo 231 – Pick Your Own Theme #11 Challenge

0-11 Challenge

This weekend we took a motorcycle drive to Clearfield, PA to eat the World’s Largest Burger (it seems like lots of places claim that…but whatever).   Anyways, there are several challenges they offer…a 2, 3, 6, 15 lb burger challenges!  Brad decided to do the 2lb challenge.  The burger was huge!! 

0-11 Challenge 1

Brad wasn’t sure how to hold the thing…it was so big!

0-11 Challenge 2

So…Brad got so very close to finishing.  This is what he had left.  It looked a lot smaller before he got really upset at the last couple minutes left and ripped it apart.  At the time, he said he was never ever going to do this again!  Now though, he is already planning his strategy for the next time.  It’s been 2 days since he ate the burger and he still feels really crappy and doesn’t want to eat much.


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