Photo 234 – #54 Closed

54 Closed

Geauga Lake is Closed!  So, 2 years ago we moved here…and mainly choose to move to Aurora because of Geauga Lake Amusment Park.  We wanted to be by a park so Brad could work there.  Well last year Geauga Lake closed.   There’s lots of politcs and stuff behind why and all that really upsets Brad.  We occasionally drive around the park and look at what is missing and what they are working on taking down at the time.   We were driving around the back yesterday because I wanted to get a picture of my scooter with a roller coaster (there are still 2 standing – one is missing the metal track pieces and everything and the other one …who knows what’s going to happen to it because it’s historic and there are arguements about tearing it down).  Anyways, I snapped this one of Brad looking at what use to be of his closed park.

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