Photo #1 – Arc

Happy New Year Everyone!!!  I havn’t posted in soo long since I’ve been way too busy with work and the holidays!  I’m starting off the new year right and posting my very first photo. 

My goal is still to post a photo each day.  I will use the month’s themes for 15 of my days each month. 

I spent my Christmas break in Utah this year with my husband’s family.  We went to Bryce Canyon while there.  This is a picture of a Natural Bridge.   This was probably my favorite formation at Bryce Canyon.

13 thoughts on “Photo #1 – Arc

  1. Awe inspiring Sarah, now climb down there and show us the view looking back up, it would be nearly as good and no hassle for us. LOL Great Scenery.

  2. Very nice picture, looks slippery though with the snow. I live in VA where there is also Natural Bridge. I haven’t tkane any photos yet. Great job on yours.

  3. Sorry I missed your post as I went thru them all yesterday – this is magnificent! We missed going to Bryce during our tour this summer but we will make it in our next x-country trip.

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