Photo #10 – Chaos

My husband, Brad, took this picture today.  My living room was chaos today.  I decided to clean my craft supplies, which I have way way way too many things.  I had stuff eveywhere and had to decide what to keep and how to organize it all.  I love how my cat, Karen is so focused on the camera…she always loves getting her picture taken 🙂  I also think it’s really funny how Karen looks just like Nate from yesterday’s picture…silly kitties!


5 thoughts on “Photo #10 – Chaos

  1. Great idea for the chaos theme! And you’ve captured the very essence of why cleaning is just not good–it actually creates mess! Chaos even.

    Now if I can just remember that line the next time something screams to be cleaned and organized…

  2. I like this! First, the cat is beautiful, but there you are, concentrating on bringing order to chaos. Nice idea and the composition is great.

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