Photo #17 – #@!%!

So today we woke up to this mess!  We are having a major icicle problem this year and this morning all the ice on the roof fell off and totally smashed up the air conditioner!  Ahhh… The third picture is before the ice fell (taken a few days ago) just to show how bad the icicles were.


8 thoughts on “Photo #17 – #@!%!

  1. Reference your title, you always were prone to UNDERSTATEMENT, you should just come out and say what you think! Hard to imagine what you could do under those circumstance, short of building a fake roof ove the AC (too late I know). Regarding the guttering, I have no suggestions, recover quick.

  2. Wow. That’s a lot of ice. I’ve heard of ice dams – is that what happened? Good luck getting everything fixed (but I’d wait awhile).

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