Photo #30 – Party!!

Yesterday, Ted had the best birthday ever!  We first went to PetSmart and got that HUGE bone!  Then my mom and my sister decided they wanted to get something for Ted that he could have right away but they were in PA so they definitely were not going to see him on his birthday.  They decided to have a pizza delivered and have the delivery guys say “Happy Birthday Ted”.  Well….when the delivery guys (there were 2) got here they asked if Ted was there so I called Ted over…haha.  They were totally expecting a person not a dog!! LOL.  So…then they sang Happy Birthday to him!  It was so funny!!  They also wrote Happy Birthday on the box too.  It was great and Ted enjoyed his slice of pizza and a little drink of Pepsi.  He then had cake.  What a good birthday for Ted!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Photo #30 – Party!!

  1. Yed is such a well mannered party animal, to just sit and look at that cake, without swooping on it. And just think, six more to go this year, Yeah, It’s a Dog;s Life!

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