Photo #82 – Pasties

So as we were driving thru the upper peninsula of Michigan, we kept seeing these signs that said “PASTIES”.   We totally didn’t know what pasties where…we kept pronouncing them as “Paste -ies”  (like Paste like glue).  Of course we had a big discussion about the “dirty” meaning of pasties…but we knew that this couldn’t be what all these signs are for!  We figured it was some kind of pastry.  We finally decided to stop and get ourself some.  We discovered that pasties are pronounced “Past – ies”  and they are like a hot pocket!  A little dough filled thing filled with meat and potatoes and veggies (or I guess whatever…that’s what ours was filled with!).   It was pretty good!  Pasties were a big part of our trip…we had many jokes going on about pasties 🙂

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