Photo #84 – Mall

We visited the Mall of America!  It was always somewhere I knew I had to get to someday!  None of us are big shoppers…so we just kinda walked around and looked at the stores.  Then we rode a roller coaster and the log ride at the amusement park.  Probably the best part of the mall was the Lego Store.  We were just walking around and I couldn’t find Brad…then I looked thru the window and Brad’s sitting outside on a table buliding with all these kids.  They had a little track where you can build a car and then race it.  Brad spent a long time building his car.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Photo #84 – Mall

  1. We were there a few years ago as we made our way back to Connecticut from a camping trip to the Dakotas. My6 husband wouldn’t let me me ride the roller coaster (he thought it might damage my neck…I really should have done it; I’m sure my neck would have been fine) but it was certainly an experience to be there.

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