Ural Rally Sept 7, 2013

I love scavenger hunts and Brad loves his Ural so we decided to do the Ural Rally.

We woke up bright and early to get ready to go so that we could visit my sister – Emily, her husband – Adam, and my grandpa – Jake.  We left at 7:34 and headed to McDonalds for breakfast.
I was shocked to recently find out that Brad had never had a traditional egg McMuffin so I forced him to try one today.  He liked it…of course!

We then got gas and recorded our milage so we could calculate mpg later in the day.  The drive to Johnstown was a chilly 50 degrees.  Emily and Adam were out waiting for us on the street.  Emily said I looked crazy all bundled up in my winter coat and blanket.  Emily and Adam both went for rides around the block then we headed up to visit my 91 year old grandpa who we call Jake.  He was super excited to be a part of our scavenger hunt since I wanted to get the bonus points for getting a passenger who is 40 years older than you.  Getting the helmet on was a tricky task and then Brad took him for a little ride.
We then stopped by and saw the tank for those points.
We then went up to “top of the world” and did some off-roading and puddle splashing.
It was time for lunch so we headed to a local favorite, Our Son’s.  I never pass up a chance to eat our regional specialty, periogis.
We then visited the Inclined Plane.  I was just planning on taking a picture at the bottom but Brad talked me into taking the motorcycle up it.  So, up we rode with the bike.  Got some yummy candy at the top and headed out.
Stopped by Shaffer’s Covered Bridge so we could get the bonus points for a covered bridge then headed over Ligoneir mountain.  We saw a classic car and stopped for a quick picture to get those points.
We debaited on where to stop for pie and Brad said Burger King has the best pie around…lol.  So we ate our BK pies in Latrobe.
Then we went thru Greensburg to get a picture with a capitol building.  Then headed north back towards home and found some cows near the road.  As we pulled up they all ran over to be in our picture.  Soooo cute…I don’t think I’ll be eating hamburgers ever again.
When we got home we picked up Ginger and took her for a quick ride.
Then Brad finished off the rally with checking his brakes and draining the carbs.
So over all we really accomplished everything we wanted to!!  8 1/2 hours, 238km and 1184 points!